Living the Dream!

Looking back on things now, it seems I've always enjoyed creative and artistic endeavors. As a small child, I would find hours of enjoyment with a coloring book and a box of crayons. In adolescence I spent years as a member of our local 4-H Club. There I participated in every class I could fit in. Sewing, candy making, cooking, crafting, public speaking etc. In High School it was fashion and makeup, and when I rented my first apartment, I quickly realized my love for interior decorating.

Life passed and I married a wonderful man, had three children and spent many years as a full time Hospital Administrator. Career oriented, yet old- fashioned at heart , my husband and I decided to put my career on hold for a short time, so I could be home, and be a mom to our young children.

How would we eat? How would we pay the bills? Well somehow, 14 years later, I'm still home, we still eat and still pay bills, but now I'm the proud owner of my own business, Michele Sprague Design. It surely was NOT a planned endeavor, but when being a mom
became tedious, I would paint. And paint. And paint. For fun. For me. For gifts.

Friends, neighbors and admirers of my work, encouraged me to participate in a small, local craft show at the school gym. I made money! The orders kept coming and I was jazzed!!!!!! So good for my ego and so good for my psyche.

Ultimately, I started selling on line, and 10 years later, I'm still here. Still very proud of my successful business, my 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating and almost 2000 sales. I love what I do and feel blessed every day, that I can do what I love. I often say I have the best job in the world. Who knew that my days as a Hospital Administrator would prepare me for my career as an artist. Budgets, human resources, marketing, social media, cash flow, quality control, customer service. It's all the same!

I work tirelessly, to execute the highest quality artwork, design unique, heirloom quality pieces and produce gorgeous, awe-inspiring works of art.

And in addition to offering over 200 items in my shop, that you can purchase as is (because they're all pretty incredible already), I CATER TO CUSTOM. I love it when I'm asked to design and create a piece to coordinate with a certain textile in the room, or to match a pattern, or to paint my design on a kitchen table, rather than a stool. The process makes it fun, and I have hundreds of customers out there who I now call friends, since working together to create that one of a kind, personal piece is a very bonding experience. And it can all be done on-line. So cool!

While I have helpers that open boxes, package and ship items, sand and base coat, add up invoices etc, ALL of the design and artwork is done by me personally. And I'm my biggest critic. Nothing leaves here unless it meets my personal quality standards. Shop with confidence. You won't be disappointed. Each piece is sealed to a glossy, durable shine, and signed and dated by me. Whimsical art you can be proud to call yours!

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